Exercising Our Mental Health

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We all know the benefits that exercise has on our physical health, However we’re less aware of how good it can be for our mental well being too.

So, why exactly is exercise beneficial to our mental health?

It reduces anxiety and boosts your mood

When you exercise, your brain chemistry changes and feel good hormones called endorphins are released. These hormones are known to lift your mood and calm anxiety which makes an incredible difference in the long run.
Reduces the feeling or likelihood of stress

Exercise puts great stress on your body which produces cortisol (the hormone linked to stress). As you exercise more, your body becomes better at regulating cortisol meaning you will feel less stressed overall and a greater feeling of control.

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Increase self-esteem and confidence

Feeling fitter and seeing your workouts improve, whether you’re getting faster on the treadmill or using heavier weights, can give your confidence a boost.

Increased self-esteem is also linked to increased feelings of life satisfaction and can help make you more resilient to stress. It is great practice to exercise outside the gym, in fresh air such as in your garden or at a local park.

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A clearer mind and improved sleep

A poor night’s sleep can really effect how you feel the following day. We have all experienced not being able to doze off due to worrying or over thinking. Exercising is a great way to help stop racing thoughts which is proven to help you sleep better.

Reduced risk of depression

There’s evidence to suggest a trend linking those who are more active with lower rates of depression. Studies show that if you can up your exercise sessions to 3 per week, you can reduce your risk of depression by almost 20%.